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ArtResin Epoxy Resin

ArtResin epoxy resin will bond well to every medium, with the exception of wax paper and some plastics including silicone (i.e. materials that repel water). It also works extremely well on wood, glossy photographs, inkjet prints, acrylic, oil paint that has completely dried, watercolour, spray paint, encaustic, raw canvas, ink, paper collage, oil pastel, cardboard, sculpture, silicone moulds, leaves, rocks, and other found objects.

You may want to avoid pouring it over loose materials (this may include chalk pastels).  Anything that is not completely adhered to the surface of your work could potentially mix into the resin in its liquid form once it’s poured and float around. Some lower quality papers absorb resin rather than allowing it to sit on top.  To avoid seepage, a sealant should be used over the paper first. The best thing to do is experiment and have fun!

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ArtResin Epoxy Resin

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art resin 237ml kit, art resin 474ml kit, art resin 946ml kit, ArtResin 3.78l Kit with free A1 pigment sample pack, ArtResin 7.56l Kit with free A1 pigment sample pack, ArtResin double mega pack15 ltr with free A1 pigment sample pack

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